Anna Lapinsh

Artist – Game Designer – Product Manager Helsinki, Finland

I like cakes. 🍰

For the past two years I have been working at my own studio, focusing on developing polished, small, mobile games. Currently I am with Playmore Games as one of the core team developing a revolutionary app in the board games industry.

I am always looking for opportunities to expand my professional portfolio by working on projects with people who are focused and passionate about creating a great gaming experience.

I have dual Finnish (EU) and Russian citizenship, as well as a National Insurance number for the UK.


Product Manager

Playmore Games

At Playmore Games I worked as product manager on Dized. Dized is an app that teaches users to play board games through a series of interactive steps. It also has a powerful rule lookup tool and additional digital content to power up the board game experience.

Key Roles
• Creating a timeline and schedule for projects
• Managing both in-house and contract teams to ensure a timely and cohesive product
• UX & UI design
• Designing key features of the app
• Reading rule books, evaluating games, and preparing quotes
• Designing and creating tutorials
• Designing and creating the rule reference tool
• Leading and mentoring the design team

Other responsibilities
• Meeting and pitching to publishers and clients
• Sourcing voice over talent
• Organising convention presence
• Sourcing and communicating with influencers to create marketing campaigns
• Social media content strategy and execution
• Proofreading and copy-editing

• Dized
The ultimate companion app

Game designer (contract position)

Blue Duck Education

Key Roles
• Concept UI and character art redesigns for a pre-existing game
• In-house storyboarding for a game pitch
• Design consultancy for a new math game


Zaubug Oy

Key Roles
• Creating concept, character, environment, UI, and any other necessary art assets
• Designing from paper prototypes to finished product
• Managing a team remotely, creating time lines, and mediating problems
• App store preparation of certificates, screenshots, description, promotions, and trailers
• Setting up and maintaining a social media presence
• Creating branding such as stickers, posters, and t shirts

• MindFork
Minimalistic arcade rhythm game for iOS
• Boxlings
Memory match game with a twist for multiple platforms
• Goblin Lord
Pattern match game for multiple platforms
Small arcade game for mobile

Game designer

Hooplo Media

Key Roles
• Designing core game mechanics, game loops, quest storylines and maps
• Writing up game design documents clearly and concisely with flow charts and storyboards
• Brand research and integration
• Sourcing sound effects and music

• Usain Bolt Athletics
Facebook sports game
• Cristiano Ronaldo Footy
Facebook midcore football game
• Unannounced title
Tie-in mobile mini game for a major fantasy MMORPG IP
• Unannounced title
Social collectible card game for a major fantasy war-game IP
• Unannounced title
Multiple mini games for a standalone platform


London College of Communication

BA in Interactive Games Design

Kulosaaren Yhteiskoulu

A Levels



Group, Indie MEGABOOTH, EGX - Birmingham, UK (Showcasing MindFork for Zaubug)


Group, Indiecade, Gaming For Everyone presented by Intel - Los Angeles, CA (Showcasing MindFork for Zaubug)