GAME Boxlings
ROLE Creative Director


Boxlings is a memory match game mixed with push-your-luck mechanics. Players are tasked with opening boxes and memorising where the titular Boxlings are hiding. After they match 2 Boxlings, they can either bank them or push their luck and try for up to 2 more. Watch out – if you accidentally reveal the ghoul all the Boxlings get shuffled around!

Players earn coins by playing the core game, after which they can unlock new Boxlings to play with. There are 12 species and 6 upgrades to unlock, bringing the total characters to 72! Play versus a computer or with a friend in couch co-op mode.

Boxlings was incredibly fun to work on. I wanted to make all the art as adorable and polished as posible. All art assets were produced in Illustrator to create easily scalable vector graphics. We made the game in HTML5 to allow for the most cross platform performance.

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